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Virus Cleanup Pricing

Please See Below And Pick What Is Best For Your Needs.


Home or Business We Come To You
  • Full Service, We Come To You


Bring It To Us
  • Full Service, You Come To Us

Remote Support

Don't Leave Your Seat
$50per ½ hour
  • Remote Access, Never Leave Your Seat

What Is Included?


Diagnose one computer

Remove all viruses, spyware, malware and root kits

Repair issues (boot issues, blue screens, etc.)

Perform operating system critical updates

Test operating system for proper functionality

Provide an estimated cost for hardware repair(s) / upgrade(s) needed to provide a complete solution

How do you know you have a virus?

Virus Alert!

Very Slow Performance,
nothing works!

Unable to launch programs that
usually open rather quickly

Strange messages
or pop-ups?

the only way to know for sure is to
have your computer scanned for viruses

What if I know I have viruses or spyware on my PC?

What Now?

The best course of action is to have the infection removed and corrected as soon as possible

Slowing this process will most likely lead to slower performance, data security issues and sometimes even data loss

When you have a virus or spyware problem, help is just a mouse click away

Through your high-speed internet connection, our Remote Support Online Technician can assist you and fix the issue

Can TechMonkey restore my computer
and recover any data I lose to a virus?


Yes, we normally can get files back from an infection, unless the hard drive is malfunctioning

Viruses can cause major damage and permanently delete data. However, there is a chance through Data Recovery that your data can be restored

Discuss any data loss with technician to determine if Data Recovery is the right option for you

Will this service make my computer run faster?


Most likely, yes.

Viruses, malware and spyware slow a computer significantly and by removing them your computer will run with better performance, let your computer speak for itself!

What if the virus, spyware or malware can't be removed?


We never say never, but this is a rare occurrance. If this does happen, we will advise you on the best way to get your computer up and running as fast as possible

We understand the significance and will not stop until all options are exhausted

If all options become exhausted, we will apply your credit to an operating system reload

Virus CleanupUnknown Popups? Anti-Virus Software Out of Date? Device Running Slower Than Normal?

DiagnosticsIdentification of Exact Issue With Resolution Proposed After Full Analysis.

Operating System ReloadIncludes Data Backup With Installation of Your Operating System With Updates.

Data Backup & RecoveryRecover / Backup Existing Data to Media of Your Choice.

Wireless Network SetupSetup & Configuration of New or Existing Wireless Network.

Printer ConfigurationSetup & Configuration of New or Existing Wired or Wireless Printer.

Software InstallationInstall & Configure User Selected and Provided Software Accordingly.

Simple Hardware InstallInstall & Configure Single Hardware Device.

Major Hardware InstallInstall & Configure Single Hardware Device. (DC Jack / LCD Screen Replacement)