Custom Builds

We get this more than you know - people looking for a quality computer that will last a long time.

This is the definition of a custom build.

Click Here to fill out our form and have a specialist get back to you and customize a machine for your needs.
Custom Builds

We only use quality parts to make a workhorse machine that we will stand behind

For work - school - media - video or audio editing build your own, make it yours

Build a computer that will last

Stop waiting for a slow machine and get with the program

No Excuse For Slowness

Custom Builds

Quality Components Speak For Themselves

Cutting Edge Technology On Every Build

Tell Us Your Requirements And We Will Build Your Dream Machine

We Do Not Brand Our Products And Limit The Warranty To 1 Year

All TechMonkey Parts Hold The Original Manufacturer Warranty
(1-3 Years Depending On The Product)

Laptop & Desktop RepairsWhether you are working on business, school work, or creative projects, living without this essential equipment can be almost impossible.

NetworkingLive monitoring and management of your devices, servers and computers 24 hours a day.

Custom BuildsCustom built systems including Desktop Gaming PCs, Video Editing, Business Workstations and more.

Mobile Device RepairWe are professionally trained to fix your mobile device and we only use qualtiy parts.

Website DevelopmentWe exist to design and develop amazing web experiences. Please see some of our latest work.

Surveillance SystemsProtect your home and have peace of mind while away. Free estimate with professional camera discovery.