Backup Pricing

Please See Below And Pick What Is Best For Your Needs.


Home or Business We Come To You
$125and up
  • Full Service, We Come To You


Bring It To Us
$85and up
  • Full Service, You Come To Us

Remote Support

Don't Leave Your Seat
$50per ½ hour
  • Remote Access, Never Leave Your Seat

Recovery Pricing

Please See Below And Pick What Is Best For Your Needs.

Stage One

Your data is very important

    There is a nonrefundable $85 minimum charge for stage one data recovery. Unfortunately, even if we cannot recover the lost data, the fee still applies. Depending on the drive condition, this process will take our computer specialist one day or less depending on the condition of the hard drive. This process starts one day after the recovery fee has been paid in full.

Stage Two

Some data can never be created again

    Stage two recovery is available with a minimum charge of $150. When stage one fails, we move to a more advanced process that takes about two days for completion. Final completion time will depend on the damaged drive size and level of corruption. If we are unable to recover the data, the initial stage one fee of $85 will only be charged. If data is recovered, you will pay the balance in full at time of pickup.

Stage Three

If all else fails
$1,500and up

    This service will range from $1,500 to $3,000. Stage three recovery is needed when stages one and two fail. We will need to send your hard drive to a company specializing in data recovery. Typically the turn around time is between 1 - 2 weeks.

What Is Included?

Backup Vault

Create and verify backup of current data to device of your desire (Customer provides backup media)

Scan data for any infection or threats

Recover and restore inaccessible files or folders

Advise on implementing a backup solution

Why are backups very important?


Missing important photos, documents, videos or music can be very frustrating

Backups make sure that those memories stay safe and secure

Does my backup automatically update?


With software included for most external hard drives we can help you configure automatic backups and advise on how to update accordingly to meet your future backup needs

My computer won't turn on, can TechMonkey backup my data?


We can definitely help but ultimately this will need to be determined

If the PC will not power on you may need to have a data recovery performed

Virus CleanupUnknown Popups? Anti-Virus Software Out of Date? Device Running Slower Than Normal?

DiagnosticsIdentification of Exact Issue With Resolution Proposed After Full Analysis.

Operating System ReloadIncludes Data Backup With Installation of Your Operating System With Updates.

Data Backup & RecoveryRecover / Backup Existing Data to Media of Your Choice.

Wireless Network SetupSetup & Configuration of New or Existing Wireless Network.

Printer ConfigurationSetup & Configuration of New or Existing Wired or Wireless Printer.

Software InstallationInstall & Configure User Selected and Provided Software Accordingly.

Simple Hardware InstallInstall & Configure Single Hardware Device.

Major Hardware InstallInstall & Configure Single Hardware Device. (DC Jack / LCD Screen Replacement)